iSnap Cloud

The iSnap Cloud is a graceful network that takes care of itself so you don’t have to. It is secured, managed, and kept up to date by the iSnap Social team so you can focus on achieving your marketing goals.

Software as a Service

The iSnap cloud is Software as a Service. The iSnap software runs on our servers and is managed by our experts. To you, that means no large investments in server or IT infrastructure, no training of systems administrators, and no need to upgrade and maintain software yourself.

The world of social media and social networking changes daily and our staff works tirelessly to ensure that iSnap systems maintain compatibility with the social networks and that the features and functionality of the iSnap network remain fresh and relevant. 

When you invest in iSnap Social, you're invested in the future of social media.

iSnap Portal

iSnap Social customers receive access to the secure iSnap Cloud web portal. This web site gives brands and advertisers a real-time view into their iSnap Social network. Users have access to all of the data, demographics, posts and messages across their network of users. 

The iSnap Cloud portal provides a window into your social media performance by tracking key metrics and demographic data such as:

  • Email Opt-In
  • New Twitter Followers
  • New Facebook Fans
  • Link Click-throughs
  • Message Length
  • Facebook Impressions
  • Twitter Impressions
  • Geographic Reach
  • Age and Gender
  • Birth dates
  • Unique Users